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Successful presence of RR Mechatronics at the ASH Conference in San Diego

The American Society Hematology (ASH) Conference is world’s most comprehensive hematology event of the year. The 2018 edition was the 60th ASH Annual Meeting and was organized in San Diego, California. More than 25,000 hematology professionals and approximately 250 exhibitors were present. Exhibitors included pharmaceutical companies, medical suppliers, publishers, non-profit organizations, clinical diagnostic and research-based […]

RR Mechatronics (€ 3.5 million) bond loan fully booked in record time

December 17th. 2018 Investors of the NPEX stock exchange have recorded record time on all available bonds issued by RR Mechatronics, the medical technology specialist in the development of instruments for blood diagnostics for hospitals, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies. In a very short time, the issuance of NPEX bonds with an interest rate of 8% […]

RR Mechatronics is participating with the Lorrca Oxygenscan in an Eurostars project.

The Eurostars consortium will develop an instrument and method (system) that rapidly determines an individuals status (degree) of Sickle Cell Disease. It will mimic these conditions and measure the rigidifying of the Red Blood Cells. From an individuals sickling behaviour, personalized treatment plans can be developed to enhance the quality of life and reduce costs […]

RR Mechatronics launched the Lorrca Oxygenscan

There are several promising sickle cell disease treatments in development. While most of the damage to a sickle cell patient results from the actual sickling of the cells, there were no ways to measure red blood cell (RBC) sickling tendency. The RR Mechatronics Lorrca ektacytometer equipped with the Lorrca Oxygenscan is now able to directly […]