The Lorrca ektacytometer

The Laser-assisted Rotational Red Cell Analyser (Lorrca) measures the deformability (changes in elongation) and RBC aggregation & dis-aggregation.

The Lorrca contains the Osmoscan, to measure and visualize RBC elongation in shear stress in an osmolality gradient.

Mid 2018 the Lorrca is enhanced with the Oxygenscan (as ‘add-on’), to measure and visualize RBC elongation in shear stress in an oxygen gradient, during deoxygenation and re-oxygenation.

Measuring SCD point of sickling

The Lorrca ektacytometer

Lorrca Tests and principles

Table 1. Overview Lorrca product numbers

 Product Product code Description
Instrument LORC109230 or LORC109110 Lorrca
Oxygenscan PO2S109000 PO2Scan (to perform the Oxygenscan)
Oxygen sensitive spot PO2S020153 PO2S Luminiphore (2pcs)

Lorrca reagents and additives

The basic reagents to measure elongation (Elon ISO) and the specific reagents per test (Osmo LOW and Osmo HIGH. See overview in Table 2.

Table 2. Overview Lorrca reagents & additives

  Product Code Description Content to apply in
Reagents QRR 030901 Elon ISO 100×5 ml all tests
QRR 030910 Osmo LOW 500 ml Osmoscan
QRR 030930 Osmo HIGH 500 ml Osmoscan
QRR 030905 Oxy ISO 100×5 ml Oxygenscan
Clean QRR 010946 X-Clean 5 L all tests

Batch information Lorrca Reagents

Batch information Oxygen sensitive spot


To enhance the knowledge and improve efficient use of the Lorrca! It is a very ‘open’ instrument, in which the standard-setting can be adjusted according to the study/aim.

Optional are:

  • the Operator training (to operate system),
  • the Technical training (expert-level, for detailed technical insight) and
  • the Chart Analysis training (to excel in analysis of raw data and to gain experience in chart interpretation).