December 17th. 2018

Investors of the NPEX stock exchange have recorded record time on all available bonds issued by RR Mechatronics, the medical technology specialist in the development of instruments for blood diagnostics for hospitals, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies.

In a very short time, the issuance of NPEX bonds with an interest rate of 8% brought in € 3.5 million. The proceeds will be used by RR Mechatronics, which is based in Zwaag, to realize the deployed growth strategy in the coming years. Demand for diagnostic blood measuring and analyzing equipment is expected to increase significantly in the coming years.

Thanks to the guidelines of the ICSH (International Council for Standardization in Haematology), the company from Zwaag holds the ‘golden standard’ when it comes to measuring blood sedimentation in the series of Starrsed instruments. All over the world, these instruments are used in large and small laboratories of, among others, hospitals for the measurement of blood sedimentation.

In addition, RR Mechatronics has built up a leading position in the necessary measurement and monitoring of the blood of people suffering from Sickle cell disease using the Lorrca.

According to Mark van Etten of NPEX, the full placement of the RR Mechatronics bond loan is another proof that Dutch companies can attract successful growth financing thanks to NPEX. “In total, 36 Dutch growth companies have raised more than € 75 million through NPEX in recent years,” says Van Etten.