Q: What tests can I perform with a Lorrca?
A: The Laser Optical Rotational Red Cell Analyser (Lorrca) measures erythrocyte or red blood cell (RBC) elongation in shear stress, from a minimal amount of venous blood.

There is a broad scala of RBC measurements that can be conducted by the Lorrca platform. It performs the tests:

  • RBC Deformability; Elongation as a function of shear stress
  • RBC Osmoscan; Elongation as a function of osmolality
  • RBC Oxygenscan; Elongation as a function of de-oxygenation and subsequent re-oxygenation
  • RBC Aggregation & dis-aggregation; Aggregation as function of time/shear rate

Q: What is the Oxygenscan?
A: The Oxygenscan is the measurement that can be performed with the Lorrca ektacytometer platform, after addition of the pO2Scan. It measures RBC elongation during controlled de-oxygenation and re-oxygenation.

Q: Can all Lorrca instruments be innovated with the Lorrca Po2Scan?
A: The Lorrca MaxSis Osmoscan instruments, model from 2012 onwards, can be complemented with the PO2Scan.

Q: In case you have evolved the Lorrca with the PO2Scan to perform the Oxygenscan, can you still perform the other RBC tests with a Lorrca?
A: Yes, the Deformability test, Osmoscan and Aggregation & dis-aggregation test can be performed as well when having an PO2Scan installed at the instrument.

Q: How long does each test take?
A: The Deformability test takes app. 1 minute. The Osmoscan test takes app. 6 minutes and the Oxygenscan test takes app. 20 minutes (see Lorrca information).

Q: What type of blood sample is used for the Lorrca?
A: Whole EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) or ACD (acid citrate dextrose) blood samples can be used for the Lorrca tests.

Q: Within what timeframe do I need to test the blood?
A: This is according to the laboratories protocol and dependent on the test. We advice to store and transport bloodsamples chilled (2-8°C). In general Lorrca tests are conducted within 48 hours after blood withdrawal.

Q: I’m doing research on RBC diseases; In what fields of research or medical interest is the Lorrca used?
A: See Research page

Q: What is the sample size for the different tests?
A: For a Deformability test it is 25 ul bloodsample. For an Osmoscan test it is 200 ul and for an Oxygenscan test 50 ul  (see Lorrca information).

Q: What is the Regulatory status of the Lorrca?
A: Currently, the Lorrca has a Research Use Only (RUO) status; However, several labs use the Lorrca in a clinical environment (e.g. Cincinnati Children’s). We are in the process for a CE/IVD and FDA status.

Q: Does the instrument takes a lot of space in my lab?
A: The instrument has tabletop sizes; 47 cm (width), 40 cm (height) and 63 cm (height with lid open), 30 cm (depth).

Q: What are the delivery times?
A: On average the delivery time of a Lorrca ektacytometer is about 8 weeks after receipt of the PO.

Q: Is it possible to test the Lorrca before buying the instrument.
A: Yes, we have a lease program in place. With this program you have the possibility to lease the Lorrca for a minimum of three months.

Q: How is the service of the instrument arranged?
A: The first year the warranty is still valid. After that we, as manufacturer, recommend ta preventive maintenance every year. We can be contacted for this, to obtain a site-specific quotation. In case of need for corrective maintenance, we are directly available at support@rrmechatronics.com.