• Faster Time to Market for Sickle Cell Anemia Therapeutic Development Program(s)

  • Analysis of Hereditary and Acquired Anemias

  • Differentiate Between Red Blood Cell (RBC) Membrane Disorders

RR Mechatronics is a globally operating organization based in the Netherlands with a Sales & Service office in the US (Warwick, RI). We are the world leader in automated Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) instruments. We develop and manufacture highly specialized Red Blood Cell (RBC) analysis platform; the Laser Optical Rotational Red Cell Analyser (Lorrca), an ektacytometer with added capabilities. In addition, we offer diluents, cleaning agents, controls, and specific reagents. Our products are used by clinical laboratories, universities, technological institutions, and our OEM-partners all over the world.


We offer the Lorrca instrument with added capabilities. In addition, we offer the PO2Scan separately, specific reagents, cleaning agents and PO2S Luminophores.