The Osmoscan measures the deformability under an osmotic gradient. The Lorrca has the ability to automatically measure RBC deformability over a gradient of osmotic values. This results in a continuous curve; An Osmoscan test shows the cell’s condition at the different osmotic values. The test provides information about the cell’s deformability and membrane rigidity, depending on both the shape and the position along the osmolality axis. For this test 200 μl of whole blood is needed. With the Osmoscan, four parameters are defined:

  • Omin (osmolality at Elmin, hypotonic region),
  • Elmax (maximal El of the total curve),
  • Omax (osmolality at Elmax) and
  • Ohyper (osmolality corresponding to 50% of the Elmax; hypertonic region).

Lorrca osmoscan measurement

Measuring Deformability and Red Cell Heterogeneity in Blood by Ektacytometry

source: National Center for Biotechnology Information