Lorrca for Hospitals

Among the methods proposed for the diagnosis of hemolytic anaemias, ektacytometry is certainly one of the most interesting due to its versatility, being able to discriminate different defects by a single analysis and his repeatability and reproducibility, enabling an easy standardization in specialized laboratories, as recently reported by other groups.

Ektacytometry can detect with high sensitivity multiple changes in cellular properties, obtaining information that by conventional methods would require several different types of measurements. Several studies have shown that the Osmoscan analysis represents a useful and feasible first step screening test for specialized centres involved in the diagnosis of hemolytic anaemias.

The Lorrca Oxygenscan is the only method that will be able to measure the  “Point of Sickling”, quantitatively indicating the severity of SCD patients. Based on this information see the positioning of Lorrca in the workflow on the right.