Recently the Lorrca platform is enhanced with the Oxygenscan a new feature to measure and visualize RBC elongation in shear stress in an oxygen gradient, during deoxygenation and re-oxygenation!The Oxygenscan measures the relative oxygen pressure at the critical point the RBCs start to become rigid and crescent. This so called “Point of Sickling” (PoS) quantitatively and reproducibly describes the defined loss of deformability of SCD RBCs. This PoS is the most characteristic parameters of this measurement. It is typical for each sickle cell RBC sample (i.e. patient) and sensitive to its status. The Oxygenscan measurement represents the ‘whole population’ of RBCs (incl. HbS as well as HbF containing cells).Since there are no competitive technologies capable of detecting the individual patient’s “point of sickling”, the Oxygenscan represents a unique technology.

Publication reference, visualising the Lorrca Oxygenscan: Characterization of Sickling During Controlled Automated Deoxygenation with Oxygen Gradient Ektacytometry:  Lorrca Oxygenscan: (Video).

RepresentitiveOxygenscan result